Feeling my Feelings

Sounds silly, right? Not to me. For me this is revolutionary. This week I was challenged for two weeks to stop – stop thinking, stop thinking about my thinking, stop beating myself up for my thinking, stop trying to fix my thinking – and to just feel.

I am an expert with other peoples feelings – but my own, not always so much.

I have read books and listened to experts talk about this.  To just pause and notice.

I understood this but have never really done it.  And now I’m going to do it for two weeks.

I will not use thought work to fix them, I will not meditate to try to avoid them, I will not do yoga to try to make them go away, I will not read books to try to figure them out.

I will sit with them and observe.  That’s all.

I will feel my feelings.  I will listen to my body – my heartbeat, my muscles, my stomach, my skin.

I am open to being an expert on my own feelings.

Are you?

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