Letting Life Live Through Us

What I am learning through my feelings exercise is that these feelings are not mine.  I do not own them.  They are life coming through me.

They are reactions inside me to surroundings, to experiences.

anger – fast breathing, tense, heat in my muscles
sad – shallow breath, heavy body – heavy heart, heavy eye lids, heavy feet, heavy arms
shame – a deep pit in my stomach, sensitive skin, vigilant

These are some of the feelings I was able to explore with this exercise.  And I am discovering more in each moment.

I am learning to go deeper.

I am now very aware that everything I think comes from the sensations in my body.

For example, my dog barks at me demandingly – I feel my body tense and fists clench and then I think – “She is a bad dog”.  I feel angry.

In the past – I would say to myself – there is no need to feel this – she is just a silly dog.  Now, I let myself feel it – which does not mean I need to react to it.  Only to notice and let it pass – as opposed to shooing it away.

Now I know angry and I can feel it as it moves through my body and work with my dog from a place of peace.

These feelings are not bad or good. They are a wide array of sensations in our body.

These sensations are not something to fight against.  It would be like trying to fight the earth because of a cloudy day. Now when I am in my head to much – when working with my thoughts isn’t working – this is a sign to feel.

This is a new tool for me – and can be for you too.

To explore my body – my heart, my muscles, my lungs, my skin. What are they saying to me?

And I know, it will pass – without the world crumbling. Just like the sun comes out after the rain.

After all – with no rain – how would we know to enjoy the sun?

Let life live through you.  FEEL.

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