I spent the last week with a group of people.

We sat together and said one word that the week meant to us. There were all kinds. Confidence. Communication. Friendship. Courage. Determination. Challenge.

My word was Faith.

I am not a religious person. But I do hold this word true to my heart. My life is held true by my faith.

Faith that people can change if they are willing to be wrong – about who they think they are and about who they think others might be.

Faith that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be.

Faith that the universe does not play tricks on us.

Faith that when we are our true selves, work hard and give 100% that there is nothing better.

Faith that when we fall down – we WILL get back up – even if it is hard.

I will always have the faith in me to question the thoughts that keep me from being my true self.

I will always have the faith that I have the option to love me first so I can truly love others.

I will always have the faith that I can work through life’s challenges – big or small.

My faith is constantly being renewed by others too.

This last week – my faith was renewed by youth and adults who are stepping up to life’s challenges through confidence, friendship, communication and courage.

AMAZING people. I was grateful to be with them.

I have faith that we will change the world.

What do you have faith in?

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