Enough Love

Jealousy. I think this has to be one of the most useless and painful feelings in the whole wide world.

Jealousy is like double dose of hurt because not only do I feel jealous I get mad at myself for feeling it.

What’s the deal with this emotion anyway?

For me, the feeling comes from the thought of something being taken away or lack of something. I subsequently want to hold onto whatever is being taken for dear life or punch the person who has it in the nose.

A list of a few things that have made me jealous:
that’s right I’m spilling it, feel free to judge – but unless you are a robot I’m pretty sure you’ve got your own list 

– Someone who steals my boyfriend’s attention (when I have a boyfriend that is)
– Someone who works faster than me
– Lovers who snog too close to me
– People who can travel on a whim
– Coaches who are already making it in the business

I can assure it is not easy for me to write this or share it in a blog for that matter, but it is essential to my growth. Being able to admit what you are thinking is the first step to changing what you are thinking.

And noticing…these are my thoughts – they are not ME.

I can change my thoughts.

Back to jealously. Grasping. Lack.

Here’s how I’ve been working this little devil of a feeling.

I’ve been imagining there is enough of everything for everyone. I mean literally, I’ve sat down and meditated on this.

There is enough love in this world for boyfriends to have friends, for people who work fast to be themselves, for lovers to kiss, for people to travel the world, for all coaches to be awesome.

THERE IS ENOUGH LOVE for everyone to be who they are.

There is enough love for me to be me, exactly who I am, at this spot in the universe right now. Single. Slow. Not kissing anyone. Home. Still at my day job. Perfect.

When I remind myself there is enough love AND I believe it – I feel it inside of me.

And when you believe this and feel this – there is no space for jealousy. None.

There is no taking away, there is no lack, there is only room for love.

Enough love. Always.

Can you feel it?

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