Ohhhh memories, they can be so good and so bad.

I am sure you have thought this if you have ever had what seemed like an unfair, uncontrollable or just uncomfortable change in your life.

and maybe you have uttered these words:

I was so much happier when….

I was with him.
I was 20 pounds lighter.
The weather was warm and sunny.
I lived in Las Vegas.

I was mulling over such a thought recently. In fact, it was the first one. I was letting it torture me a little. Or maybe a lot.

I was soooo much happier when I was with him I thought. Dramatic, I know.

And I felt really angry that those happy memories seemed to be making me suffer now.

How unfair. Grrrrrr.

Determined not to wallow, I examined my thinking.

And here is what I learned.

He had nothing to do with why I was happy then and I (ME!) had everything to do with why.

I believed good thoughts when we were together. And here is the good news – I can choose to believe good thoughts NOW too. And none of it involves torture.

Woohoo! Relief.

Now I can allow those great memories. And let them remind me of my own power to feel at peace and happy. In any circumstance. Then and now.

So remember, your feelings happen because of your thoughts

With someone or without someone.
On a sunny day or a cloudy day.
Plus or minus 20 pounds.
In Vegas or Timbucktu.

Enjoy the memories and embrace the moment.

Can you be happy with your memories now?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

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