I am not who I think I am

I just started The Life Coach School. It is awesome. Period.

It’s coaching on steroids and I love it. Problems. Solutions. Questions. Answers. Whys and Why nots. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Results.

In a delirious state the other night, burning eyes from being on the computer reading, coaching, posting and processing. My crap. Other’s crap. And how to turn all of that crap into awesomeness.

I had a moment.

I thought: What if I am not who I think I am.

Deep. I know. 

But it blew my mind.

Seriously. What if I wasn’t someone…

who stayed quiet instead of sharing their opinion.
who liked everyone.
who agreed with everything.
who was always ok.

What if I were just me, without the story?

What if I were…

To be who I am. To stop trying to read the world’s mind and instead read my own.

To have an opinion and not care about the result of sharing it.
To not really like some people. For real. And not make that mean anything about me or them.
To disagree. With love.
To be me.

Try it.

Pick one thing you think you know about yourself.

And then ask yourself – what if I wasn’t really who I think I am?

What if you didn’t know and you just thought you did?

Try un-knowing. Drop it. Drop your story. How does it feel?

It felt like freedom to me.

Would you rather feel free or trapped by who you think you are?

I know my answer.  What’s yours?

Sharing welcome...

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