Drama. Own It.

There is nothing like having 22 kick-ass coaches to get you through the day.

Yes, I’m still in The Life Coach School and still loving it.

I keep thinking – how long can this go on? How many more crappy thoughts can I have to be coached on?

And in the last few days, I haven’t had many. I’m thinking good thoughts. I’ve felt great. I’ve been working my ass of day and night.

It’s about this time when I start itching for some drama. I’m sure you know what I mean…

You’ve been eating healthy for weeks and now you want a big bowl of coco pebbles.

You’ve been whipping up homemade meals and now you feel like you really just deserve to spend some mullah on an extra nice meal that might just blow your bank.

You haven’t thought about your ex in weeks, maybe months and now all of the sudden you want to call him.

You want to get another tattoo. 

These are hypotheticals. I swear.

Then you get mad. Oh world, why do you do this to me? I was being so good.

And then you cut the crap.

Here’s how…

Drama (aka whine-fest, woe is me, or pity party) is created by….


Remind yourself of that when you think you miss it, feel blah, and pull into McGreasyBurger.

Realize that it is impossible to miss something that you already own.

You own your thinking. 

You can choose to believe thoughts that keep you in your drama. Anytime. Anywhere.

This is GOOD news.

Now there is nothing to miss.

And because there is nothing to miss, there is total freedom and there is no interest in…

Coco pebbles.
Spending lots of money on a meal you can’t afford.
Calling the ex.
Getting a tattoo (well, maybe there is still a little interest here).

No missing it. No wanting it. You own it. I own it.

And now I’m putting it in storage. See you later drama.

I’m getting bigger, better, new (thought) models. And I’ve got 22 friends helping me find them.

Are you ready for some new (thought) models? 

Let me know if you need some help finding them.

One thought on “Drama. Own It.

  1. You inspire me to think from your blogs.. It’s been awhile I’ve been asked questions to just sit and think and reflect on what my answers on and focus on myself for a few minutes.

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