Scrap the Plan

I am a self-identified planner.

I often think: I need to have a complete plan before taking action. 

For example…

Getting organized – well, that plan doesn’t go into effect until I have the right shelves, the right folders, the right desk, the right color on the wall in my room…

Getting back in shape – well, I need new shoes, is there enough light in the day, can I run at night, it it safe, where are the most street lights, maybe I need some special pants to run in the cold?

I think it’s clear what happens next with these plans. NOTHING.

So, in the new year, I have decided to un-identify with the planner in me.

I created the thought “I need to have a plan” and now I am kicking it to the curb.

Here’s the plan: (HAH!)

I am going to do this through goal setting and action steps. And, by identifying obstacles to overcome as I proceed.

What’s the difference between a plan and a goal? The difference is how I feel about it.

Plans for me = some end game that involves lots thoughts about stuff happening perfectly for me to take action. I don’t take action because I feel totally overwhelmed.

Goals for me = big ideas, dreams, game changers. I can’t not take action I am so excited.

I used to think I needed a complete plan to have a goal. I needed to see every mile, I needed to know whether it would rain and would I be prepared enough?

I thought I needed to know everything before I took a step. I don’t.

No more waiting for the right day, the perfect weather, or the right time.

I’m throwing out my plans for 2012.
Getting down to business with some ridiculously awesome dreams and goals.
And taking steps every day to achieve them. No plans. No excuses.

 What plans do you want to kick to the curb and replace with your dreams?

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