Let the Joy Drive You

I spend a couple of intensive weeks in the summer with a group of great instructors as we teach teenagers about wildlife conservation and what it takes to be a leader. Then, the students spread their wings over the next several months as they engage with their communities through education, writing, service work and much more.

This time of the year, the students share their accomplishments with me in the form of a record book. I spent the week before the holiday reviewing these record books.

As I reviewed each student’s work I was overwhelmed with emotion. Joy. Love. Amazement. And I kept thinking what do I do with this. WHAT do I do with all of these feelings?

I wanted to run for some reason, feeling afraid to acknowledge the joy that comes from participating actively to create change in the world.

Instead of running, I sat there. With my feelings. I let my body feel them. Absorb them. Giving myself credit for my work in the world and also taking responsibility for it.

In this last year, I learned to acknowledge the not-so-great feelings and let them pass through me and now I am learning to let the wonderful feelings pass through me too.

As these wonderful feelings pass through me, I feel less overwhelmed and determined to feel them as a part of me and to embrace them and use them to drive my actions in the new year.

Here is what this looks like:

I think… I am a teacher.

I feel… Joy.

Driven by these feelings I…

Facilitate the transfer of knowledge.
Engage students and give them opportunities to become leaders.
Engage adults and show them how they create their world.
Serve as a role model to youth and adults through my own hard work and actions.

LEARN. TEACH. WORK HARD. This is going to be my 2012.

You get to decide what your 2012 will be.

What joyful thought can you choose to let drive your actions in the new year?

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