Setting Intentions Part 1

January can be a tough month. Lots of hype the night before day one, then the pressure to make life changing resolutions…to be honest, it overwhelms me. So I thought I would wait a few weeks into the new year to decide how my next year might look…and here we are.

To decide how I want my year to look I have picked – two words, a question, and an action – to focus on and set intentions with.

Doesn’t setting intentions sound much better than having resolutions anyway?

I am hoping you all will join me.

This week I’m sharing my two words.  Over the next two weeks I will share my question and action.


My first word is discipline.

To date, I have had little to no discipline in my life.  In fact, I have run from this word like the plague, sure that such behavior would keep me from living a “free spirited” lifestyle.  What was really going on was that I didn’t really want to take any pro-active responsibility for my actions.

Yes, I go to work and get my paycheck, like a big girl.  But forever (in my head), I have wanted to do more, for me and for others, in my own way.

I believe discipline in my actions is going to take me out of my head and into making a tangible difference in the world because I will be holding my own feet to the fire.  I know this will be a challenge for me and this is exactly what I want for this year.

My first step toward discipline has been this blog.  I intend to write my blog once a week for the entire year. I am looking forward to the personal reward that comes from creating a practice and sticking to it.  And I hope that you all find some reward in it too.

Is there any behavior you want to change in the New Year? Is there a word that will inspire you to create that change?

My second word is determination.

Or, a firmness of purpose. Determination goes hand in hand with discipline. When I am feeling down or stomping my feet like a child, I will pull on my determination to move me forward.

One word at a time.
One student at a time.
One session at a time.
I will help make a difference by sharing my knowledge.

I am determined to take action. And participate in the world. My way.

When I think about determination, I get excited.  I think of all the people who I admire that are determined.  All the times that I have been determined in the past and reaped the reward of personal success.  I get fired up.  Feeling fired up is going to motivate me to keep taking action!

Is there a word in your vocabulary that gets you fired up?

I’m looking forwarding to creating an awesome 2012 through discipline and determination.

Join me, pick two words you would like to use to set your intentions for this year…it’s definitely not too late!

P.S. I have a downloadable  worksheet (for free!) in my Tool Box, to help you pick your words.

P.P.S. I’ll be creating a new vision board for my intentions and will be posting the pics on my MKC Facebook page soon!

Sharing welcome...

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