(I’m interrupting part 3 of my intention series with these words this week, stay tuned for the last part next week!)

Several weeks ago I wrote my blog about letting the joy drive you.

Recently, I noticed that I have been doing the exact opposite.

I have been letting the drama drive me.  I was noticing how much I love to get myself worked up and then let that energy feed me.

And I was allowing myself to believe that that energy was passion.  But what it really was, was drama.

This “energy” was fed by drama thoughts like:

Their point of view is wrong and I will prove it.
They need to change how they think and I will make then change how they think through my circus act of awesomeness.
They need me to survive. (Hello, ego.)

For a time, such thoughts can drive a person…but only for so long.

So when I came off the high of being driven by my ego.

(Shortly after running into several brick walls made of the obvious “people don’t change unless THEY want to”.)

Then noticing the brick wall and giving my ego the final boot.

The low was low.

Because I wasn’t sure what was left.

I would say this type of incident has happen to me regularly for the last 5 years.  And usually what I did when I hit my deflated low, after I was worn out from complaining about someone who won’t change, I would then detach – fuss on Facebook, read the entertainment section of CNN, pick your personal waste some time, I can’t work because the rest of the world is wacked poison.

TODAY, however, I asked myself a different a question.  (Didn’t I tell you great questions lead to great answers?)

What would it look like if I just worked? Period.  Because I believed in what I was doing.  The essence of it.  EVEN within the limitations that I “thought” were holding me back.

Well, that would look a little different, wouldn’t it?

Hello freedom.
Freedom to drive my own life.
Freedom to give, give, give because I decide what I believe in.
Freedom in knowing that the only limitations that I ever create are in my mind.  With my thoughts.

And that I choose these thoughts. Always.

Wow. Freedom. Yes.

Perhaps true, deep passion is driven by freedom.

And, now, I believe this feeling of freedom will take me to places I could never have imagined when I was wrestling with the drama.

What if we all just stopped using external drama to fuel our passion and just looked to ourselves?  Would you see freedom in your future?

Sharing welcome...

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