The Jackpot

Ever since I can remember…every time I have ever been paid it has felt like I hit the jackpot.

And I don’t mean this in a positive sense.  I mean it in the sense…holy crap I’ve got money what do I do with it?

This is how I treated my money.  Money I made with my work.  I didn’t own it.  I treated it like it fell out of the sky.

I had no respect for me or my money.

I worked.

The pay check came.

I spent it.

Less than a year ago, if you asked me about my money I could tell you very little.

All I knew was bill to bill. Paycheck to paycheck.

I would juggle the money around like I was a circus clown.

I was afraid to login and look at my back account – thinking the numbers would tell me how to feel.  Which was usually sad and disappointed.

I had no vision for my financial future.

I had no respect for MY WORTH and therefore no respect for my work or the money I received.

In the last year this has changed.  In this last year…

I learned that my thoughts about money and

my thoughts about myself

create how I feel, NOT the number in the bank.

On Friday I got paid.  And I had a moment.

For the first time, I did not feel like I hit the jackpot.
For the first time, I felt like I deserved what I got.

For the first time, I noticed how much I love what I do.

And I felt self-respect and I respected and loved the money that was deposited into my account.

I paid my bills with this love and respect, valuing  the roof over my head, the heat that warms my apartment, the internet that helps me communicate with you, and my car that takes me to awesome places.

I now define my value with my thinking not by looking at a number in bank.  And defining my own value is going to change my financial future.

I love working hard.

I love owning my money.

I love ME.

Now that’s the real jackpot.

What would it look like if YOU decided your value and not the number in your bank account?  How would it affect your financial future?

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