My last little hiding place

My – I want approval from the world/somebody else save me – self had found a place to hide without me noticing.

Social. Media.

I have been rolling over in the morning.  To my phone. I check email. I check Facebook. I walk from my apartment to my work, back to my apartment.  I immediately check my computer when I get in my either place.  As if in the less than one minute walk someone had emailed me.  Or maybe I missed someone showing up at their gym 2000 miles away, on Facebook…

Seriously, am I sharing this out loud?  I am.  Because I have a feeling I am not alone.

I have been on social media autopilot.

It’s been my last little hiding place as I move into a world of action.

Social media is easy.  It can make you feel important if you give it the power. Comments. Likes. Pins. Oh my.

It can also be evidence.  For why you’re so much better. Or not so much better.

It’s a perfect little ego feeder and mind distractor.

So in my down time from taking action, traveling, connecting in person, coaching…instead of taking care of me.  My ego was getting fed.  My mind was distracted.  By my extra unnoticed, appendage.

In the meanwhile, my soul has been starving.  And my body has been aching for me to take care of it.

I was (until today) on the fast track to burn out as I was doing my work in the world and trying to keep up with what has seemed like my fifth limb.

I have been treating the internet like it’s a necessary part of me. It’s not.

I could not feed the internet for days and it would still be there.  My brain. My body. Not so much.

The internet is an avenue…a road.  And an awesome one at that.

But it’s NOT a vehicle.

The vehicle is me. It is you.  Our ideas.  From our brains.  Our love. From our hearts. This what creates hope. And inspiration. And change.

Our work in the world.  However we share it. Starts with us.

We are the vehicle.

And when we don’t take care of this vehicle. This body. This engine of change.  It doesn’t matter how many roads there are to communicate on…our travel time will be short.  Or will be a long, long struggle. Of looking outward for a fix.

Recognizing the internet is just a road, is allowing me to pause.  And check in with me.  To get back to maintaining my vehicle…

My body.
My heart.
And, my spirit.

I love the internet.  But not more than I love me.  Or my work in the world.  Good to know.  And notice.

Would your rather treat the internet as a road that you can get on and off of or as an appendage that you think you can’t give up?

Sharing welcome...

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