I can do this.

I’m not a trained photographer, if you asked me to define f-stop I might just make something up.  I have not been schooled in the techniques of painting either.

Nonetheless, I do both.  Because I do feel I have an innate love for beauty.  In particular, beauty in the natural world.  Flowers. Wildlife. Waterfalls. Love. Love. Love.

Recently I decided to translate some of my photographs into acrylic paintings.

I had this idea for a long time in my brain.  I knew I could do the translating, even if it was average at best.

Of course the difficulty always comes in the actual doing.
There was one main crappy thought that stopped me from starting.

The thought, you’re not a trained artist.  Or at least I thought that was the thought.  But there was a little more to it…

You’re not a trained artist, so you shouldn’t do this.  And of course, I immediately felt insecure. And proceeded not to paint.

Sometimes, I try to out-clever myself though.  By setting a deadline. In public.

More than 6 months ago, I booked this month to share some of my art at the Cherry Alley Cafe – a local venue here in central PA.

A date on the calendar is a great start to leveraging action.

But to truly move forward with peace, I had to change that thought – you shouldn’t do this.  Or the whole process would have been a struggle.  Or worst case, I would have backed out.

The thought I decided to choose was:

I can do this.


Sweet and simple.

I felt free and focused.

I picked up the brush.

And I painted.

I expressed myself.  In color.  For me.  For my love of nature.

I didn’t really care that I wasn’t trained anymore.  I just wanted to paint.

I chose this thought – on purpose – more than a hundred times over the last several months.

Every time. I paused. And heard the shouldn’t. And then I chose. I can do this.

Today, I want to give this thought to you.  When you have the urge inside you to express your love of anything through creativity and there is a little shouldn’t or can’t that stops you…

Don’t stop.

Pick your medium…writing. painting. singing. dancing. photographing. sketching. strumming. drumming…

And then borrow my thought…


Use it 1000 times. And then use it 1000 more. Don’t stop.



Expression isn’t just for the professionals. It’s for all of us. Who love. And want to share it.

What would you love to express creatively?

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