A little help

I’ve decided with my coaching tools I want to help a specific group of people…

School Teachers.

I’ve written this blog 3 times and erased it, trying to figure out the perfect way to explain my passion to work with teachers with you.  Then I realized, it’s just not that complicated.

School teachers are overwhelmed and underappreciated in our society right now.

It breaks my heart when I hear in a conversation – oh, but that great teacher left because they just couldn’t take it anymore (replace “it” with parents, admin, pay or any of the difficulties teachers are currently facing).

My father changed lives with his teaching. My aunt changed lives with her teaching. My cousin changes lives. Right now.

For me. Coaching teachers seems like a no brainer. It’s in my blood and I love them.  I want to scoop up every sad and dismayed teacher, hug them, and say no, don’t quit.

I want to send them articles like this one in the New York Times and say – see YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Hugs and love are great. But here is why I am so excited about coaching them…

Because I know that I can teach them and help remind them – that they don’t need hugs and love. From me. From the students. From the admin. From the parents.

That everything they need is right inside of them.  Every reason that they decided to be a teacher in the first place.  Their passion. Their love.  Their desire to make difference.  All of it.  Is still there.

I believe, they just need a little help finding it.

And I need a little help from you, to find some teachers.

I am offering… 4 sessions. For 5 teachers. One on one. For free.

I want to teach them skills that re-connect them with their passion so they can find a peace inside of themselves that spans in and out of the classroom.

I suspect all of you can appreciate the gift that amazing teachers bring to this world.  And I’m sure all of you have been a receiver of that gift at some point in your life.

Help me give that gift back.  Forward this email to one teacher.  Even if you think they’ll never read it.

You never know who might want and need the help.

If you are a teacher reading this, check out my page just for teachers or email me to connect – mmkittell@gmail.com.

I leave you with this….a link to a video that shares a little bit of me and how I want to help teachers.  It’s fun….I promise!

A special shout out to my friend Brianna Healey who helped me make the video!!

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