Great Idea

I wanted to share a little update on my 4-week class.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the video I created to create a little inspiration – check it out…are you ready to get to know you?

I had a question from my gracious host Lucy at Dancing Bear Lodge (did I mention it was beautiful out there?):

Can someone sign up for just one class?

and I said –

YES, YES, YES – great idea!

I have a three goals for each class:

1. To provide you with an opportunity to take some time for yourself with some other amazing women in a beautiful setting on a Saturday morning.
2. To teach you some tools that help create awareness in certain areas in your life – your body, your money, you relationships and your future.
3. To show you how awareness is a pathway to changing the results you are getting in your life.

The classes are stand alone.

So here is the new deal – you can attend one class or two classes or three classes or you can attend all four!

The details…

4 Saturdays from 9am to noon
at Dancing Bear Lodge in the heart of central Pennsylvania

your body (May 12)
your money (May 19)
your relationships (June 2)
your vision for you (June 9)

$40 per class or $140 for all four

To register click here.

On a completely different note, I’m takin’ a break from my blog this week.

My excuse? My brain is recharging.  Sometimes rest does a body (and brain) good.  See you next week.

Sharing welcome...

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