Me and Drama

I used to eat drama for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m serious. We were BFFs.

I used to add alcohol to my drama and crappy boyfriends and bad bosses.

To give it the extra kick.

Drama was my fix.

Then…I chose to slowly stop adding the extra kick.

But the drama still shows up.  And I really want to douse it with the extra kick.

I want to blame my boss for what I am feeling.  I want to blame my partner. I want to take a little sip of alcohol – and make the drama dreamy.

But the kick doesn’t hold the same allure that it once did.

Because I know the battle between me and drama – it’s an inside job.

And it has nothing to do with my boss or my partner and alcohol can’t make it go away.

And on some days that really pisses me off.

And on other days, when I have the courage to face my drama head on.

Pull back the curtain and see what’s behind it.

It crumbles like a house of cards.

And I take full responsibility for my life.

I love those days. And I see more and more of them in my future.

What’s your relationship with drama? 

2 thoughts on “Me and Drama

  1. Wow, now this makes me think about drama in a new way. Drama always seemed liked something outside of my circle. Something I looked at and didn’t like. But possibly, drama only exists if I let it. Therefore it is in my circle not outside of it. Hmmmm. Time to put drama outside of my circle where it belongs.

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