Of Guilt, Gifts and Courage

Holy Mary, mother and Joseph. Where does this feeling of guilt come from?

It is SUCH a whopper of dirty pain. Yuck.

For me, guilt is triggered when I think I don’t deserve something easily. (Kindof like I am getting away with something.)

Here’s how it works in my mind.

The universe hands me gifts that I have the option to nuture (painting skills, coaching skills, a kind heart, a passion for teaching).

My thought: If it comes easily to me it must be wrong or bad.

So I feel guilty about my gifts.

I create drama with blame and stories instead of embracing my gift.

I never nuture my gifts, in fact I may even shun them, because it feels like a “crime” to have them.

Hello, circle of shame. Sheesh.

What I also noticed about guilt, is that it is the first feeling I choose before I go down the road of struggle – that winds through insecurity, inadequacy, and helplessness.

It’s the seed feeling for a long journey of self-abusive thoughts and feelings and pretty crappy results in my life.

As I was processing all this information, I was wondering what the exact of opposite feeling of guilt was.

A new feeling that I could choose.

Of course. The feeling is…


The courage to truly love my gifts.

To love my gifts as much as I love taking a breath. Like they are a part of me.

The courage to look guilt in the eye and tell it to buzz off.

Because choosing to believe I am wrong or bad and feel guilt. It keeps me small.

Choosing courage. Opens my mind to possibility.

Choosing courage. Allows me to see my gifts – nuture them and share them.

Choosing courage. Allows me to sit with my whole self with true freedom, fearlessly.

And accept my gifts from the universe.

Like I never knew any different – I am now choosing to believe – if it comes easily it must be so right.

Yep, that definitely feels courageous.

Can you step into courage and embrace your gifts from the universe?

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