Re-defining Strong

I was writing my morning pages this morning (it’s part of a practice to connect with your creativity from the book The Artist’s Way  – I looove it).

I wrote: Why do I have to be strong?

Which led me to re-define strong…

Strong means I embrace life as it comes.
Strong means I show up. At 100%.
Some days 100% means laying in bed and taking care of my body.
Some days it means searching the isles of Wal-Mart for camp supplies at 7 at night.

Strong means connecting.  Connecting with what feels good to me. In my gut.  And taking a chance on it.

Strong used to mean for me – go, go, go.  Now it means stay, stay, stay.

Stay with the uncomfortable,
stay with the pain,
stay with the joy, with the love.
Stay present.
Listen. Hear.
Trust. My inner voice, my instincts.
Then, live and create from this space.
A place of deep inner strength.
A place – of peace.

How do you define strong…is it time to re-define it?

Sharing welcome...

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