About Life Coaching

My friend and fellow coach Janet.

A lot of people ask me…what is a life coach?  My answer is – a coach for your life.  Seriously.

Life Coaching gave me and continues to give me:

AWARENESS: Coaching gives me the tools to become aware of what I was thinking.  I was living in a state of low-level sadness thinking I had no control over it….becoming aware of my thinking opened my eyes and my mind wide open.

RESPONSIBILITY: Coaching teaches me how to take responsibility for my feelings.  To own them, the happy ones and the painful ones, allowing me to experience life fully.

DREAMS TO REALITY MOVEMENT: Before coaching, my dreams were just dreams.  By shifting my thinking and my feelings – I have been able to take inspired action in my life.

CONNECTION: Coaching showed me I was not the only one who wanted something different for my life.  The coaching community is supportive and a mirror for your soul, giving you a place to reflect and create positive and loving change.

Every life coach is a little bit different.

But what I have found the common thread among coaches to be is we are group of people who want to help other people live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  We are supportive, positive, and determined.

Just as a you wouldn’t expect a football coach to step in and make the winning pass for the quarterback, a life coach does not take the action for you.  Or even hold you responsible for it.  That is your job.  It takes practice, dedication and hard work.

A life coach supports you through this process.

Life will always have ups and downs.  But now I know how to navigate those ups and downs with kindness and love for myself.

I feel honored that I can help others do the same.

My coaching is based on Brooke Castillo’s self coaching model – which begins with learning about what you are thinking and how that affects the results you currently have in your life.  I have been certified through Brooke’s Life Coach School. (She is bad-ass, no joke.)

I am also influenced by Martha Beck, Byron Katie, Tara Brach, and many more awesome people.  I read, stay educated, be coached and do my own self-coaching daily.

If you want to see some of the amazingly beautiful people I share the love of coaching with and how they feel about it…check out this lovely video.

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