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Re-defining Strong

Re-defining Strong

I was writing my morning pages this morning (it’s part of a practice to connect with your creativity from the book The Artist’s Way  – I looove it). I wrote: Why do I have to be strong? Which led me to re-define strong… Strong means I embrace life as it comes. Strong means I show … Continue reading

Of Guilt, Gifts and Courage

Of Guilt, Gifts and Courage

Holy Mary, mother and Joseph. Where does this feeling of guilt come from? It is SUCH a whopper of dirty pain. Yuck. For me, guilt is triggered when I think I don’t deserve something easily. (Kindof like I am getting away with something.) Here’s how it works in my mind. The universe hands me gifts … Continue reading

Me and Drama

I used to eat drama for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m serious. We were BFFs. I used to add alcohol to my drama and crappy boyfriends and bad bosses. To give it the extra kick. Drama was my fix. Then…I chose to slowly stop adding the extra kick. But the drama still shows up.  And … Continue reading

Great Idea

I wanted to share a little update on my 4-week class. If you didn’t get a chance to see the video I created to create a little inspiration – check it out…are you ready to get to know you? I had a question from my gracious host Lucy at Dancing Bear Lodge (did I mention it … Continue reading

A little help

I’ve decided with my coaching tools I want to help a specific group of people… School Teachers. I’ve written this blog 3 times and erased it, trying to figure out the perfect way to explain my passion to work with teachers with you.  Then I realized, it’s just not that complicated. School teachers are overwhelmed … Continue reading

I can do this.

I’m not a trained photographer, if you asked me to define f-stop I might just make something up.  I have not been schooled in the techniques of painting either. Nonetheless, I do both.  Because I do feel I have an innate love for beauty.  In particular, beauty in the natural world.  Flowers. Wildlife. Waterfalls. Love. … Continue reading

My last little hiding place

My – I want approval from the world/somebody else save me – self had found a place to hide without me noticing. Social. Media. I have been rolling over in the morning.  To my phone. I check email. I check Facebook. I walk from my apartment to my work, back to my apartment.  I immediately … Continue reading


I think I’ve mentioned this before. I’m a pretty functional adult. But before two years ago, that was it. I was functional. I woke up.  I did what I thought was expected of me. I was in band, track, basketball, I got solid grades. I went to college. Twice. I got a job.  And then about … Continue reading


Last weekend, I had a meeting to go to that was over an hour drive for me. The meeting was at 9, I wanted to arrive at 8:30.  So I left at 7, to be safe. I arrive earlier than expected. Great. Then…I’m the only one in the parking lot.  Waiting. Wondering. Waiting. Finally, I … Continue reading

The Jackpot

Ever since I can remember…every time I have ever been paid it has felt like I hit the jackpot. And I don’t mean this in a positive sense.  I mean it in the sense…holy crap I’ve got money what do I do with it? This is how I treated my money.  Money I made with … Continue reading

Setting Intentions Part Three

Wow.  I did not think part 3 of Setting Intentions would be so difficult for me to write.  I wrote on a different subject two weeks ago.  Last week I didn’t write. I think I was afraid to write about action because, well, I am afraid to take action. As I’ve mentioned before, I am … Continue reading


(I’m interrupting part 3 of my intention series with these words this week, stay tuned for the last part next week!) Several weeks ago I wrote my blog about letting the joy drive you. Recently, I noticed that I have been doing the exact opposite. I have been letting the drama drive me.  I was noticing … Continue reading

Setting Intentions Part Two

The second step I took to set my intentions for this year was to pick a question that I wanted to ask myself, often.  Here’s how I got to my question… A few of weeks ago I was feeling really mentally bogged down.  And then, I had a pretty clear thought… Life is too short for … Continue reading

Setting Intentions Part 1

January can be a tough month. Lots of hype the night before day one, then the pressure to make life changing resolutions…to be honest, it overwhelms me. So I thought I would wait a few weeks into the new year to decide how my next year might look…and here we are. To decide how I … Continue reading

If I never…

Recently, I was having thoughts of self-mistrust and feelings of pressure. Specifically I was having the thought: I can’t be trusted. You might be asking, with what? And so was I. What I came up with were thoughts like…I can’t be trusted: to show my own emotions properly. to be in a “normal” relationship with … Continue reading

Hot and Cold

Do you ever feel like you are at either extreme? Hot or cold Up or down In love or out of love On a diet or eating cupcakes for breakfast I’ve had these moments in my life.  One of my more recent moments has involved my relationship with my body.  My skin to be more … Continue reading

The Funk

For the last two weeks I’ve been in a little bit of a mental funk. Let me define mental funk for you: I felt EH (visualize shoulder shrug with sound). And, I really did not want to see that I was in funk. Or see the thoughts behind the funk. And I certainly did not want … Continue reading

A Bazillion Ideas

I probably read at least 10 blogs a week that share awesome ideas, I recently signed up for Twitter, I’m a regular on Facebook, over the last 15 years, I have read a plethora of self-help books from finding your self to learning how to survive a break up. I listen to podcasts full of ideas … Continue reading

Let the Joy Drive You

I spend a couple of intensive weeks in the summer with a group of great instructors as we teach teenagers about wildlife conservation and what it takes to be a leader. Then, the students spread their wings over the next several months as they engage with their communities through education, writing, service work and much … Continue reading

Scrap the Plan

I am a self-identified planner. I often think: I need to have a complete plan before taking action.  For example… Getting organized – well, that plan doesn’t go into effect until I have the right shelves, the right folders, the right desk, the right color on the wall in my room… Getting back in shape … Continue reading

Warm Holiday Wishes

Hello Friends, Welcome to my new website, where I will continue to blog and share my thoughts, new ideas and teachings into the new year. Sending you all warm holiday wishes! Love, Michele

Drama. Own It.

There is nothing like having 22 kick-ass coaches to get you through the day. Yes, I’m still in The Life Coach School and still loving it. I keep thinking – how long can this go on? How many more crappy thoughts can I have to be coached on? And in the last few days, I … Continue reading

I am not who I think I am

I just started The Life Coach School. It is awesome. Period. It’s coaching on steroids and I love it. Problems. Solutions. Questions. Answers. Whys and Why nots. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Results. In a delirious state the other night, burning eyes from being on the computer reading, coaching, posting and processing. My crap. Other’s crap. And how to … Continue reading