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My Foolish Heart

 Do you ever think – I was a fool. To give someone a second chance. To think they could change. To believe it would be different. To put my heart out there. Again. How does that feel when you think that – that you were foolish? For me, it was causing extreme pain. But it … Continue reading


Ohhhh memories, they can be so good and so bad. I am sure you have thought this if you have ever had what seemed like an unfair, uncontrollable or just uncomfortable change in your life. …and maybe you have uttered these words: I was so much happier when…. I was with him. I was 20 pounds … Continue reading

Pi%$ed Off

I have a total love/hate relationship with pissed off (as opposed to my hate/hate relationship with jealousy). I understand the hate part but the love part…I wanted to think more about. When I feel pissed off, I feel like a stark raving mad fire breathing beast. I could punch somebody square in the face and … Continue reading

I said I love you

I said I love you. And for the first time, I didn’t feel like I needed to hear it back. Amazing and freeing. It took me a long time to get to this place (34 years and 357 days to be exact). And it wasn’t about anybody else but me. I remember saying to my coach … Continue reading

Enough Love

Jealousy. I think this has to be one of the most useless and painful feelings in the whole wide world. Jealousy is like double dose of hurt because not only do I feel jealous I get mad at myself for feeling it. What’s the deal with this emotion anyway? For me, the feeling comes from … Continue reading


I spent the last week with a group of people. We sat together and said one word that the week meant to us. There were all kinds. Confidence. Communication. Friendship. Courage. Determination. Challenge. My word was Faith. I am not a religious person. But I do hold this word true to my heart. My life … Continue reading

I choose to save me

I had a revelation this week. Perhaps my most simple and most awakening moment yet. I’ve been waiting for someone to… cook for me. do my laundry. make plans for me. love me. for someone to PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO or swoop me off my feet. YIKES! Who knew? Don’t worry, I’ve been … Continue reading

Challenge Creates Change

Sometimes. Life just doesn’t go the way we planned. And when it doesn’t sometimes that hurts – on the inside.  It can range from just discomfort to real loss (the kind that makes you not want to eat or stay in bed all day). So when this change comes – you have a choice – … Continue reading

Letting Life Live Through Us

What I am learning through my feelings exercise is that these feelings are not mine.  I do not own them.  They are life coming through me. They are reactions inside me to surroundings, to experiences. anger – fast breathing, tense, heat in my muscles sad – shallow breath, heavy body – heavy heart, heavy eye … Continue reading

Feeling my Feelings

Sounds silly, right? Not to me. For me this is revolutionary. This week I was challenged for two weeks to stop – stop thinking, stop thinking about my thinking, stop beating myself up for my thinking, stop trying to fix my thinking – and to just feel. I am an expert with other peoples feelings … Continue reading