Co-pilot Website Creation

4-one hour one-on-one in-person (or skype) sessions
email assistance in between
$280 – sign up now

This is a four class course where we create your website together and get your blog rolling on wordpress!

Why I created this class?

I have all these amazing friends who don’t have a website because the think it is too hard.  For example…

My friend Janet has an amazing client base from teaching meditation classes over the years.  In the last year, Janet finally decided she wants and online presence.  Here are some of the thoughts that Janet shared with me that kept her from just making the damn site:

  • This is too hard.
  • This is going to take too much time.
  • This is not a priority right now, there are other things needing to be done first.
  • I went to wordpress and I thought is seemed very confusing.
  • I just want to coach and teach, this sucks.

Janet wanted to have a basic online presence where her people can find her and where she can share more of herself in a blog.

What I offered Janet was assistance.  I like to think of it as co-piloting.  Janet knows her people, her mission – she was just having trouble getting the baby online!  So I acted as her co-pilot.  In our first session – we created her website! (Yes, that easy).  I showed her how to post her blog, add a page, and pick a unique (and free!) look for her page.  Over the next several weeks, I will provide assistance as we talk about the voice of her blog.  The pages that talks about her. The page that talks about her classes and much much more.

A website launch isn’t scary with a co-pilot!

These class are in person or on Skype (so, I can share screens with you!).

Here is what you will take away in Co-Pilot Website Creation:

  1. How to create a WordPress Account and a website name.
  2. How to create a blog post and edit it, create a page and edit it, upload photos and add them to your posts or pages.
  3. How you figure out the look of you website.
  4. A shiny new low-maintenance webpage that you can take care of yourself!
The bonus– This can be stressful – so we will work any thoughts that come and I will help keep your mind at ease and us on task!

Sign up now to get your website created!

Questions? Connect with me at  I would love to hear from you!

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