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One Mile Back

One Mile Back

memories stir unworthiness appears wanting to understand searching for an answer converse with your worth see understanding bears no resolve agree that timeworn reflection stays one mile back find your answer nowhere but right here in surrender


Last weekend, I had a meeting to go to that was over an hour drive for me. The meeting was at 9, I wanted to arrive at 8:30.  So I left at 7, to be safe. I arrive earlier than expected. Great. Then…I’m the only one in the parking lot.  Waiting. Wondering. Waiting. Finally, I … Continue reading

The Jackpot

Ever since I can remember…every time I have ever been paid it has felt like I hit the jackpot. And I don’t mean this in a positive sense.  I mean it in the sense…holy crap I’ve got money what do I do with it? This is how I treated my money.  Money I made with … Continue reading